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Sweet Jesus!

I'm sorry I haven't updated, I've been really busy with school work. Today, my idiot teacher decided to give us a 6 page assignment, 23 questions and a project that's worth a lot of my term mark due next week. Well, except the questions, they're due tomorrow >_>. The point I'm making is that the work is getting piled on because I only have 6 school days before exams. I'll try to get a comic up sometime but I'll be studying a lot over the next week. Again, I apologize because I'm really trying to get somewhere with this comic instead of giving up between 5-15 issues. Anyway, stay alert, because you never know when I'll update.

Oh and one more thing, I'm going to be gone for almost the whole month of July so I wouldn't expect any comics at that time. Just getting you ready for it.


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